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California has some of the most unique desert sheep units in the West. With 8 units open currently, they range from 13,000ft, to remote desert canyons in the southern part of the state. The state truly has some exceptional animals and has produced world class rams in the past. SCO guides all sheep units in the state and has had a 100% success opportunity at legal rams. Pack stock is available in the White Mountains. For more Information give us a call.


Zone 1 - Marble / Clipper Mountains

Zone 2 - Kelso Peak / Old Dad Mountains

Zone 3 - Clark / Kingston Mountains

Zone 4 - Orocopia Mountains

Zone 5 - San Gorgonio Mountains (Closed)

Zone 6 - Sheep Hole Mountains

Zone 7 - White Mountains

Zone 8 - South Bristol Mountains

Zone 9 - Cady Mountains

Zone 10 - Newberry / Rodman & Ord Mountains

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Here is Bryson and his 2022 / 2023 Desert Bighorn Sheep from the Clark Kingston Mountain range. Bryson and his entire family helped out on the hunt. On day 5 we located this 10 year ram and Bryson said he was the one. Bryson made a great 300 yard shot and rest was history! The Roles family are amazing people and we can't wait to get back out on the mountain with them!



John hunted hard in the White Mountains for 21 days during the 2022 / 2023 season before giving us a call. On the second to last day we were fortunate enough to find this great ram and John was able to slip in and make the shot count. The 16 mile day was a grind but it was worth every aching second!



Josh Schulgen, founder of Sierra Crest Outfitters and his dad Dave, with his 2023 / 2024 season Kelso / Old Dad ram. Just prior to draw results, Dave had a complete knee replacement. It took all year to back in shape but he was able to do it knowing he had a sheep tag in pocket. With intense scouting throughout the year, Dave new what ram he wanted to put his tag on come season. On the fourth day of the hunt we were able to locate him and Dave made one well placed shot to knock him out of the less then one club. On the hunt were family and friends to make this once in a lifetime hunt possible.



Here is Richie and his large base ram from the Marble / Clippers. Richie booked with G&J Outdoors with Cary Jellison. Josh Schulgen assisted Cary on the hunt. Sadly, Richie has since passed but he will always be remembered as a humble man who loved hunting!

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Here is Paul and his 10 year old South Bristol ram from the 2023 / 2024 season. Paul hunted hard for several weeks and with time running out he gave us a call. On day one we were fortunate enough to locate this great ram and the stalk was on. Finding a ram of this class in the South Bristol's can be extremely challenging.

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Watch Bryson Roles 2023 Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt with Sierra Crest Outfitters.

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Guide Only / Contact for Pricing

Three Day Hunt 

One Guide

Trophy care 

Guide's Only / Contact for Pricing (Recommended)

Five Day Hunt 

Two guides 

Pre-season scouting 

Trophy care 

Pack stock (White Mountains only / Fees will apply) 

Full Outfit / Contact For Pricing (Recommended)

Ten Day hunt 

Three guides

Pre-season scouting

Trophy care

Meals & lodging included 

Pack stock (White Mountains only / Fees will apply)

Video of hunt - Included and recorded by Danielle Ferrer of "Ferrer Full Curl Films"

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(50% Deposit at Booking)




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