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I was fortunate enough to draw a sheep tag for the White Mountains in 2022. I hunted hard for 21 days and during that time I had several opportunities with some great rams but was never able to connect on one. I was in contact with Josh throughout my hunt and with the end approaching I gave him a call. On the 2nd to last day of the season we connected on my ram at 13,000ft and let me tell you, it’s a moment I will never forget! Josh, and his team are extremely great guides, people, and I am thankful they were there to help me be successful!



I was lucky enough to draw the once in a lifetime California Desert Bighorn sheep tag for the Clark Kingston mountain ranges in 2022-2023. We got in to contact with Josh months before the hunt and were sold on Sierra Crest Outfitters from the beginning. Josh and his crew put their time in and made this hunt memorable. We hunted hard for 5 days in one of the toughest Bighorn sheep zones. On the 5th day I was able to connect on a 10 year old ram. Josh and the rest of Sierra Crest outfitters are some of the best guides in the business and with out a doubt the best people in camp. These guys are down to earth and will do anything to make sure you’ll harvest a top tier animal and make your hunt the best. On top of all that, my hunt was recorded and later edited and a video was made of it. The video was amazing and now I can share these memories with friends and family forever. Wouldn’t want to hunt with any crew other than Sierra Crest Outfitters. 



I drew a late season muzzleloader hunt in California in 2022. Something I had never done before was hunting with a muzzleloader. I reached out to Josh with Sierra Crest Outfitters. I met him along time ago on the sheep hunt my son had drawn. We made a plan to go on a hunt together one day if I would ever draw a good tag. After drawing, Josh and I stayed in touch through the months and were on the phone quite regularly planning the hunt. Just before the season started, I couldn’t make it up the original dates that we picked, but Josh was up there anyway doing some scouting sending me pictures of some very nice bucks. I finally made it to camp which was a very nice camp and I was greeted by a good friend of his, Trevon. He took me out and we saw an incredible near 200 inch non-typical they had been watching. We had got within 20 yards but it got dark on us and we couldn’t get a shot. We spent the next couple days chasing this buck. We never could quite get back in the muzzleloader range. They don’t get big by being stupid. Josh decided to try a different area and see what we could turn up. Josh and I went to our new spot that morning, we came across an incredible buck as I was looking at him through the glasses, Josh told me I need to shoot this buck. I’m a very picky hunter when it comes to hunting mule deer, I took Josh's word on it and made the shot on an incredible buck! If matched he would have broken the 180 mark. I would like to thank Josh and Trevon for an incredible hunt. These two gentlemen work their butts off and I would recommend anybody to hunt with these two!

Past Hunts : Clients


I was lucky enough to draw a x-zone tag for the sierras with very low points. With drawing such a great tag i wanted to increase my odds of finding a great buck. I was told Josh new the sierras extremely well so i gave him a call. On the last weekend we were able to connect on what is my biggest buck to date! I would like to thank Josh and Trevon for their help.

Past Hunts : Clients
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